Hello! I'm Will, a Cambodian American pickleball enthusiast with a rich background in tennis.

My journey with pickleball began in 2023, and since then, it's been an exhilarating ride. With over 18 years of recreational tennis experience and a history of coaching, I've seamlessly transitioned my skills to the pickleball court. I run a dedicated YouTube channel where I delve into gear reviews and playful gameplay challenges against pro players. As a co-host of the popular "Pickleball Studio Podcast" alongside Chris Olson, I immerse myself in everything pickleball.
My achievements in pickleball include clinching singles PPA titles at the 4.0 and 4.5 levels and even venturing into a pro qualifier. My doubles game, while still growing, has helped me achieve a silver in 4.5 men's and a bronze in 4.5 mixed categories at a PPA Golden Qualifier.
So out of every 100 tournaments I attend, 96 are just practice runs. My partners don’t always know that though. It’s kind of hard to find partners sometimes…I wonder why? 😅
Known for being an all-court player, I enjoy mixing up my shots with a touch of flair, always sporting a smile, regardless of the outcome. Off the court, I enjoy a bit of hiking, snowboarding, longboarding, pretty much any activity that requires movement and grace. Exploring the realms of photography and filmmaking has always been an interest of mine so it’s not surprise that I'm an avid fan of anime, animation, and movies.
Last but certainly not least I have a peculiar love for bags, backpacks, gadgets, and gear. Hence why I have a YouTube channel focused on reviewing paddles and gear.
At my core, I'm about sharing the joy and passion of pickleball with others. My goal is to educate, entertain, and grow the sport in a grassroots, humorous way through my YouTube channel. As a humble, playful, yet sometimes introverted individual, I aim to inspire others to find their love for the game, just as I have.
Every game is an adventure, every shot there’s a story, it may not always be a good one…but hopefully a funny one. I want everyone to have funny stories to tell. Follow me to see my funny stories. Peace ✌️