ProDrive Ghost - A unique combo we haven't seen yet... that's better?!

Will Chaing
Will Chaing
November 7, 2023

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Change is inevitable, yet sometimes, the essence of greatness remains unaltered. In this article, we'll explore the ProDrive Ghost paddle—a pickleball evolution that retains the spirit of a beloved classic. 

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A Legacy Reimagined

The ProDrive Ghost may seem like something new but it’s really just an old classic dressed up with some new clothes. This paddle has a kevlar honeycomb core and while some of you may think that this is a brand new material used in paddle construction, it’s essentially just “Nomex” which was a popular core material circa 2010-2017.

The ProDrive Ghost is perhaps the first paddle to combine a Kevlar or Nomex core with a raw carbon fiber face—a texture we've all grown accustomed to.

Before we dive deeper into the ProDrive Ghost, I would like to note that there are other paddles in the market that utilize Kevlar or Nomex, such as the Cheetah Predion and the Onyx Z5. Ah, the Onix Z5—whether you love it or hate it, this paddle is legendary. You might still spot a few Z5s at your local pickleball courts. It’s an affordable, loud, obnoxious, hard-hitting masterpiece from a bygone era of pickleball.

The Evolution of Familiarity

Returning to the ProDrive Ghost, we find that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Essentially, the ProDrive Ghost is an upgraded Z5 with a thicker core and the addition of a raw carbon fiber face. This paddle offers a captivating blend of power, control, and spin potential.

At the kitchen line, the ProDrive Ghost shines as a menace. With its outstanding pop, impressive spin capabilities, and very low swing weight, it's a dream paddle for aggressive players. Hand battles, counters, rolls, punch volleys, overheads—you're likely to come out on top in these exchanges. Moreover, the Ghost's loud and occasionally obnoxious noise level can even be considered a competitive advantage. It's not quite as loud as the Z5 but is certainly more boisterous than the ProKennex Black Ace.

Consider Neighbors and Playstyle

Before you decide to unleash the ProDrive Ghost on your local courts, be aware of its noise level. Playing near homes and sensitive neighbors might not be the best idea unless you have a particular score to settle or a desire to see pickleball banned in your community (although I hope it doesn't come to that!).

Mastering the Drop and Dink

The ProDrive Ghost handles drops and dinks admirably. It's a highly controllable paddle that you can easily adapt to. However, it does possess a somewhat hollow feel, which might be surprising to some players. But fear not, it's nowhere near as jarring as Selkirk's Power Air paddles.

Baseline and Mid-Court Performance

When it comes to drives, serves, and returns, the ProDrive Ghost performs adequately. However, if you're aiming for that extra court penetration from the baseline and mid-court, you might want to consider adding some weight to the paddle.


  • WEIGHT : 8.0 OZ
  • LENGTH : 16.4 INCH
  • WIDTH : 7.6 INCH
  • GRIP SIZE : 4 1/8 INCH

Who is the Ghost Paddle For?

So, who should consider wielding the ProDrive Ghost? If you're an aggressive player who enjoys attacking and fast-paced play at the kitchen line, this paddle is a contender worth considering. And if you happen to be one of the Onix Z5's devoted fans, the ProDrive Ghost is perhaps the closest thing you'll find to a worthy successor with meaningful upgrades.

As a side note, the ProDrive Ghost's stealthy appearance combined with the brown faux leather grip may evoke fond memories of the Wilson ProStaff racket from the tennis days—an aesthetic touch that adds to its allure.

In conclusion, the ProDrive Ghost paddle pays homage to a beloved classic while introducing valuable enhancements. So, if you're in the market for a paddle that offers a blend of power and nostalgia, the ProDrive Ghost is your ticket to pickleball excellence.

That wraps up our review of the ProDrive Ghost paddle. Until next time, play better, peace!